BAO slow roasted pork belly, quick pickled cukes, hoisin $12

BAO sweet soy glazed trumpet mushrooms, quick pickled cokes $12

GRAPEFRUIT AND PEA SHOOT SALAD peanuts, toasted coconut, red onion, tangy vinaigrette $11

NEMS kurabuta pork, black mushroom, cellophane noodles, razorback cilantro, tangy vinaigrette $9

BERKSHIRE PORK BABYBACK RIBS hoisin miso bbq, crunchy slaw, almonds $14

VIET SALAD pulled poached chicken, cabbage, red onion, mint, almonds basil $10

SPICY LUMP CRAB CAKES sambal tartar, radish sprouts $12

FRISEE SALAD parmesan, nori, sesame, roasted garlic miso dressing $11

STIR FRIED DARK GREENS ginger, garlic, sesame, sweet soy $8

SHRIMP WONTONS spicy chili oil $10

ROASTED KABOCHA SQUASH Humboldt Fog goat cheese, honey, pistachio pukka, toasted Bonfiglio bread $12

CHICKEN WINGS caramel glazed, togarashi, pickled celery $12

ROASTED BRUSSEL SPROUTS nam pla aoili, fried shallots, sweet soy, bird chili $11





SPICY CHICKEN RICE NOODLES lime chilii sauce, mint, basil, carrot $17

BIG BOWL OF NOODLES (aka ramen) pork bone broth, 7 hour braised pork shoulder, alkaline noodles, shiitake mushrooms, pea shoots, nori, soft egg $18

GREENS + RICE seasoned kurobuta pork, dark greens, tofu, jasmine rice, sriracha $18

SOBA NOODLES sirloin, shiitake, spinach, lite peanut sauce $18

STIR FRIED MUSHROOM crispy tofu, spinach, rice noodles, miso butter $19

CHICKEN PHO traditional vietnamese soup, spiced north wind farm chicken bone broth, bean sprouts, lime, chili, herbs, fresh rice noodles $18

CORIANDER ROASTED HALF CHICKEN roasted mushrooms, lemon, charred onion cream, black vinegar kale, jasmine rice $26

SPICY SHRIMP NOODLES fresh gulf shrimp, lime chili sauce, mint, basil, carrot $21

BRAISED JAPANESE EGGPLANT pork, tofu, mint basil, shoyu mirin sauce, jasmine rice $18

WARM SESAME NOODLES braised pork, sprouts, scallions, carrots, onion, oyster sauce* $18

IRON SKILLET SEARED SIRLOIN Coconut kiffir lime gremolata, yu choy, salted coconut rice $29

please let our staff know of any allergies prior to ordering i.e. sesame, soy, etc.
kindly note that large parties will automatically be charged 20% gratuity


| steamed jasmine rice $4 | crunchy slaw $5